A somewhat brief introduction


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This is my first time blogging, or doing blogs, or whatever the cool kids say. I’ve written reviews for stories on Wattpad and Amazon, but I haven’t done anything like this. I intend on posting book reviews, quotes, reading/ writing challenges, articles on books, y’know, cool stuff like that.

I first had the idea to do a blog yesterday. OK, I didn’t exactly give it time to mull over it, examining the pros and cons and doing a ton of research. I did google around a bit, so a point to me. Anyway, yesterday I thought up this idea: Books to read before becoming an adult (I very much intend on doing a… thing on that soon. When I get the hang of all this jazz). I started thinking more on it, talking to my lovely mother about it, and the idea didn’t go away. So, here I am. Blogging.

So… Um my name is Billie, I’m and Aussie teen and I like reading. And writing. and comics. And sewing. Uhmm, there ain’t much else, I’ll be real. MOVING ON BEFORE I GET TOO AWKWARD TO DELETE THIS.

I hope someone reads this, and if you do, please feel free to enjoy whatever I post/blog. Please, cut loose. Have fun. Do what you wanna do. And read my stuff, and like me.


pls like me


Bye, thank you!!

—Billie xx


3 thoughts on “A somewhat brief introduction

  1. [ Smiles ] Hi Billie. Welcome to the world of blogging. I am happy to know that you decided to start a blog of your own.

    Book blogs are popular in general and it would be nice to read one of your book reviews here on your blog.

    Also, may you have fun blogging!

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